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Q: Who can participate?

A: Walk Across Arkansas is for everyone! You can form a team with your family, colleagues, students, church members, exercise club, or any other group you would like.

: How will the program benefit me?

A: The Walk Across Arkansas program is a fun way to fit more exercise into your schedule. Benefits of the program includes, strengthened relationships with family and friends, weight loss, increased energy, controlled stress, lowered blood pressure, and improved blood panel. 

Q: Is only walking allowed?

A: No! Most people in our program choose to walk, but you can do any type of physical activity as long as you increase your heart rate or break a sweat for at least 10 consecutive minutes. Research recommends that adults should exercise for at least 150 minutes per week and youth for 60 minutes per day.

Q: Do I have to join a team?

A: While we do encourage everyone to join a team, you can register to walk as an individual.

Q: Do team members have to walk at the same time?
A: No, team members do not have to walk together.

Q: How does the program work for schools?

A. Walk Across Arkansas is a great way to increase students' physical activity level. Your class can register as a team to participate in the program together.